Publisher: SWITCH! productions
RRP: $29.99
ISBN 978-0-473-18006-5
Publication: December 2011
Printing: Full colour
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: H240 x W170 mm.
Cover: Spot UV
Pages: 128
Readership: Young Readers
Category: Graphic novel/ Fiction
Languages: English/ Te Reo Maori

Aotearoa Whispers is a graphic novel written, pencilled and created by Gonzalo Navarro. Published by Switch! productions. Aotearoa Whispers #1: "The awakening" is the inaugural title of the saga. The story line combines traditional historical facts, mythology and modern concepts.

A 13 year old boy named Kahi wanders the streets of Christchurch city, feeling a bit lost in a place he should belong. That ordinary day suddenly changes when he finds a 10 cent coin, The profile of the British Queen and the Maori icon on the reverse makes him think about himself and his Maori culture. The coin, a symbol of the colonisation, leads him to his Kuia (grandmother), a wise lady who shares some of her vast Maori knowledge with Kahi. The words of his Kuia carry him on a mesmerizing journey that will make Kahi discover his heritage and his true identity.

The book is divided into three parts. The first part is the story in English, the second is the story translated into Te Reo Maori and the final part is "behind the scenes" with sketches and notes from the creator.